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List your lots for sale here for free.  Lots are available for sale.  Although we are not a Realtor, we allow owners to post their property for sale in our office and here on this site for free. To list your lot here, send your lot information to Bob  (<- click here).  Additionally, some property posted on a board in the office, is listed by Realtors, on Craig's List, and some are owned by Washington County and is available for sale from them.  Our office staff will assist you with lists that we have. 


I have lot 14-9-20 for sale. I have $1000 in it, $250 for lot, $250 for a 15" X 12' culvert, and a little over $500 to survey, I have had for 2 1/2 years and havnt camped there yet as it is 2 hours from my house, just trying to get out what I have in it, dues and taxes paid through September 2018.  Contact Email aaronfairchild@att.net   Text only-(573)470-6813                                                                         2/18

"Lakefront lot for sale".  Lot 4 Block 75 Section 36 on Lake Del Lago is for sale, asking $7,500.  Located on Fair Acres Drive, the Multipurpose lot is in it's natural state, with all taxes and assessments paid in full.  Interested parties should contact DeWayne @ (816) 714-9835, or send email to dwant8@yahoo.com                                                                                                       12/17

I have 2 lots for sale on scuff oak for 700.00 or best offer. Lots 15 & 16 camping lots. Lots 15 & 16 block 8 section 20.  Lot 16 has electric hook up on it. Ready to go for camper or cabin.  The camper will be moved, it not for sale.  Call Bill at 636 734 4813.                                                          9/17

Multipurpose lot for sale.  Lot 3 Block 111 Subdivision 7 Section 42  All reasonable offers will be considered.  One owner since 1984, never been touched, would be yours to create.  Contact: Eileen at meehansx3@yahoo.com                                                                                                           8/16

Lots for sale Woodland Lakes Sullivan Mo Two all purpose lots.  Sec 23 Block 16 Lot 15 on corner of Burr Oak Dr and Green Bottom Dr. Corner lot.  Has electric to it  Also has level spot that had a 35 ft Travel trailer on it. The other lot adjoins this one on West Burr Oak Dr. Sec 23 Block 16. Lot 11.  Make offer Chuck Weber.   cgwebwntzmo@msn.com                                                                        8/16

Lot 7, Block 60, Section 33 on Lake Lure Dr.   Contact Gisele Perez @ 636.720.1349            6/17

Lot 1 Block 193 Section 70 for sale by owner.  Contact 314.402.9581.                                   6/17