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Woodland Lakes Trustee's Page

Woodland and Emerald bath houses are open for the winter. All others are now closed until spring.

The monthly board meetings will be held in the office beginning December 10th and continuing throughout the winter.

Prospective buyer passes are for the sole purpose of looking at lots for purchase, they are not for visiting your friends/relatives or using the facilities. If you are caught using the pass for anything other than looking at property, you will be escorted out of the subdivision and will not be able to obtain a pass in the future. You could also be charged with trespassing.

Remember, this year all "toys" with blue stickers have to be renewed. You will have to sign a liability waiver when you get the new stickers so we will be unable to renew those through the mail.

Effective August 8, 2015, canoes and kayaks no longer have to be registered. We will not sign them in or out at the gate or check for ownership.


Click here to see the Spring 2016 Newsletter.


Spring 2016 Newsletter.doc


Click here to see a copy of the Contractor's List.


Contractor's List.doc

Click here for a blank deed form        

To avoid the Recorder's office
from rejecting your deed, follow
this example for completing the form. Deeds need to be mailed to the Washington County Recorder of Deeds, 102 N. Missouri, Potosi, MO 63664 along with the recording fee.

Deed Example.PDF

General Warranty Deed New.doc

Quit Claim Deed New.doc

Current Trust Indenture

This copy is for reference only.  Original, filed,  current  copy is maintained in the office.

Trust Indenture Oct. 2016.PDF

Large Map of our Subdivision


Woodland Map 1

Woodland Map 2

Woodland Map 3
Print maps above.  Clip both sides of map 2.  Then tape it on top of Map 1 & 3