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Effective September 12, 2015 a guest, who has a valid $65.00 guest pass, can register and receive one toy sticker. They must follow the same rules and regulations for registering and operating the toy as a property owner.


We are sure that everyone has seen the currently popular television programs where they are building "tiny" houses. We just want to remind you, that in most cases, these cannot be permitted in Woodland Lakes. So, before you build or purchase one, please check with the Trustee office to make sure it is compliant with the Trust Indenture.


Just wanted to remind everyone that if you have any type of emergency, either dial 9-1-1 or contact Central Dispatch at 1-573-438-1079. They will send the appropriate emergency service.

Reminder: If you leave the boundaries of Woodland Lakes you are trespassing.


Effective August 8, 2015, canoes and kayaks no longer have to be registered. We will not sign them in or out at the gate or check for ownership.


The Fall Newsletter and the 2016 assessment bills have been mailed. The 2016 assessments are due on September 1, 2015 and delinquent on October 1, 2015. You will note there is a $16.00 increase on your first lot. At the October 2014 meeting, the property owners approved a $15.00 general increase and at the April 2015 meeting they approved a $1.00 increase for the repair / maintenance / improvements at the Community Center.

          Click here to see the Fall 2015 Newsletter.


Fall 2015.doc

        Click here to see a copy of the Contractor's List.


Contractor's List Oct 2014


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General Warranty Deed

Quit Claim Deed

                              Current Trust Indenture

This copy is for reference only.  Original, filed,  current  copy is maintained in the office.


                     Large Map of our Subdivision


Woodland Map 1

Woodland Map 2

Woodland Map 3
Print maps above.  Clip both sides of map 2.  Then tape it on top of Map 1 & 3